About Us

Golf Chat Bot is the UK’s first Golf Industry Specific Chatbot design agency.

Our Story

Golf Chat Bot began out of frustration. We saw first hand the golf industry was getting lots of traffic to their websites but these websites weren’t generating many leads.

This opened our eyes to the world of Chat Bots & how successful they will be in the golf industry.

From maximising your enquiry rate on your website to engaging golfers in conversations on social media – we believe that chat bots will form a strategic part of every golf business in the future.

Our Vision

We see a future for the golf industry where chat bots use a combination of artificial intelligence & conversational technologies to engage golfers in a way they have never seen before – from finding out if they need a new set of clubs to taking a range booking to selling the right membership.

Chat Bots in golf have endless possibilities so we are excited to be at the cutting edge of it.